Sim City Project




Introduction of Sim City Simulation Game


 The goal of the simulation is to give students the opportunity to learn urban planning, and management skills.


How the Project Works.

 Students will be placed in groups of 5. Each group will be given a department in the city government. They are as follows:








The goal is to build a thriving, populous, and sustainable city.


After the assignment of Departments, the class will elect a mayor and each group will appoint a chairperson.

Once the game begins each department will play for one class period a week on a rotational basis.

The first players will be Zoning. They will consult with the Mayor, come to a consensus and make their moves. The game will give advice and offer hurdles. Each department will then make decisions in consultation with the mayor .

Throughout the unit as challenges arise class will discuss certain cases from the real world in order to make decisions (See lesson Plans). This will also require the teacher to react to class questions and provide the class with information to help them with their city planning. Challenges and failures are inevitable. They will raise awareness about the immense challenges that cities face as they grow.


At the end of the study unit we will rate the city we have created by the following criteria. (Grading Rubric)

Is the city prosperous?

Is the city clean?

Is the city safe?

Is the city wealthy?

Is the city sustainable?


Students will be asked to write a 1-2 page  critique of the city they have created with an eye to the following questions?

What are the best aspects of the city?

What aspects of the city would you fix?

How would you play the game different the next time?


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