Course Guidelines and Requirements







Attendance: Students must attend every class!  If due to an emergency a student is absent or late, a written excuse from home or a doctor is necessary. Failure to submit a note results in a non-excused absence, and all assignments due will be considered late.

Homework:  Assignments and reading can be found at  A green due date will appear to the left of the homework number.    During the entire semester, five late assignments may be submitted without penalty.

Quizzes: Periodic surprise quizzes will be given.  (Each question= 1point)

 Papers: At least two formal essays will be written, read in class, and submitted . Two page maximum.  (100 points each)

Presentations: Each student will be required to do at least one brief presentation. (50 pts)

Extra Credit: Extra credit is obtained by submitting superior homework assignments and by contributing to classroom activities and discussion. Any student who performs in such a manner may raise the final term average significantly.

Preparation: It is the responsibility of the students to be prepared for each and every class. This entails arriving on time with completed assignments.

 A pen and a pencil

A notebook for class notes

A folder to keep homework assignments at the ready for classroom use.

Grades: Determined by participation in class, quality of homework, formal essays, test and quiz scores, and a term project.


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