Course Guidelines and Requirements(Badgley: H2G, ATG)

 As we continue the study of the history of human beings, we pick up with the late Middle Ages in Europe. From there we will move to Japan and stay in Asia as we investigate the Golden Age of China and the emergence of the Mongols as a world power. We will also have a special unit on Korea. We will revisit the expansion of Muslim culture, in particular its influence in India and the Ottoman Empire. We will then turn to Meso-American civilizations, West African Civilizations and their encounters with a rapidly expanding European population. The course will end with a look at Absolutism and its fall in England. We will view several films this term;The Name of the Rose; Rashoman, Joint SecurityArea, The Mission.

Goal: To become critical and analytical thinkers so that we may use history as a tool with which to view and shape the future.Grades will be determined by participation in class, quality of homework, formal essays, test and quiz scores, and a term project.

Attendance: Students must attend every class!  If due to an emergency a student is absent or late, a written excuse from home or a doctor is necessary. Failure to submit a note results in a non-excused absence, and all assignments due will be considered late.

Homework:  Assignments and reading can be found at  A green due date will appear to the left of the homework number.  Homework serves two purposes. Homework is graded on a three point scale according to the quality of the assignment.  During the entire semester, five late assignments may be submitted without penalty. Beginning with the sixth, one point will be deducted off of the final term average for each late and/or missing homework.

Quizzes: Periodic surprise quizzes will be given. You may use your homework and class notes to complete these quizzes. (Each question= 1point)

Position Papers: At least two formal essays will be written, read in class, and submitted . Two page maximum.  (100 points each)

Exams: We will have approximately four class exams and a departmental final exam. (each question = 1 point)

Class Projects: A group project will be assigned and completed during the semester. Two grades will be given for this project (200 points).

Extra Credit: Extra credit is obtained by submitting superior homework assignments and by contributing to classroom activities and discussion. Any student who performs in such a manner may raise the final term average significantly.

Preparation: It is the responsibility of the students to be prepared for each and every class. This entails arriving on time with completed assignments and the following supplies:

A pen and a pencil

 A notebook for class notes

A folder to keep homework assignments at the ready for classroom use.

A dictionary for class use (book or electronic…your choice)


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